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Kegs & Casks

Kammac have many years’ experience manufacturing and supplying Kegs and Casks to the brewing industry. Manufactured to the highest quality standards and from premium quality materials the Kammac Cask design has become the byword for quality within the brewing industry. Through continual innovation and extensive testing, we strive to continually evolve our container design to ensure maximum container life cycle.

We can supply for sale or rent to own a large range of Kegs and Casks including; 4.5 Gallon Cask (Pin), 9 Gallon Cask (Firkin), 18 Gallon Cask (Kilderkin), 30 Litre Keg and 50 litre Keg. Our containers are customisable to suit your existing population and Brewery needs.

At Kammac we recognise that the requirements of the smaller brewer are different to that of the larger brewer and with that in mind we take a more flexible approach with regards to support on cash flow, storage and delivery times.

Kammac Keg & Cask at a glance;



kegs cask

  • Bespoke Branding
  • Embossed Top Chime
  • Serial Number
  • Colour Banding
  • Fast Turnaround & Delivery
  • BFBi registered specification
  • Rent to own packages
  • Right to Own option
  • Flexible finance options
  • No Minimum Order

Kammac with over 30 years’ experience within the Storage and Logistics environment can be your next service provider.

Best price and service levels can be guaranteed, we are a family owned and managed business with a proven track record in providing a first class service to our ever growing and loyal customer base.

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