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Dinner and a show: Packaging Innovations and Empack Show 2023

Peter Scott Edwards

Just six weeks into my career within logistics, co-packing, and fulfilment and I remain in awe of the complexity and scale involved. Bit by bit however I’m developing my knowledge and understanding. As part of this, I was fortunate enough to attend the Packaging Innovations and Empack Show 2023 at the NEC this week. Our Director of Business Development, Lee Crank and myself both spent the day exploring the latest packaging developments and attending some great talks by industry Experts including Mark van Iterson Global Director Design & Sustainability for Heineken. However, I can safely say that it was the BCMPA who stole the show for us both with their support in their exhibition area in the centre of the show, their great panel discussion on the benefits of 3rd Party Suppliers in ecommerce and fulfilment, and their wonderful dinner that evening.

The exhibition itself was extremely well attended, and there was a palpable excitement to seeing products and machinery up close, and talking face to face with the people who create them. At dinner I realised that this was at the heart of the experience. There is a benefit to meeting people face to face that cannot be replicated by screen. It’s possible to make a real connection with someone over slow roasted beef that you would never make without.

One of the joys (other than cake and wine) is that you speak to people who on the surface you might have no commercial reason to communicate with. However, between bites you discover opportunities that are no less valuable for not being obvious. There’s also a genuine camaraderie within the BCMPA as even competitors understand the challenges that are faced in these industry niches.

As long standing members of the BCMPA we’ve always appreciated their insight and support, and are excited to see its continued growth and development. It was a genuine pleasure to welcome new members, to enjoy their company, and cheer for their future success.

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