Kammac Services

Third party logistics (3PL) provider

What is 3PL?

More than simply warehousing and transport, 3PL upgrades the logistics model by becoming integrated into the customer’s existing supply chain. Kammac, provide 3PL services that are customised and tailor-made to the needs of the customer.

Third-party logistics specialise in integrated operation, warehousing and transportation services which can be scaled and flexed to meet the customer’s needs. Using Kammac 3PL allows customers to quickly adapt in a constantly evolving market.

Kammac 3PL is designed to be a long-term partnership. 3PL providers, such as Kammac, deliver sustainability and offer durable and flexible long-term solutions and benefits.

Kammac 3PL allows you, the informed buyer to focus on the core of your business, whilst Kammac 3PL use our specialist knowledge to help reduce costs and deliver efficiency’s.

Why Kammac?

The short answer is most organisations. Any company that requires goods to be stored, delivered or made ready for store could benefit from outsourcing their supply chain to Kammac.

Whether your company’s logistics requirements are large or small, regular or infrequent, your company could benefit from Kammac 3PL. Our services can be scaled to the needs of your business.

Clients benefit from the wealth of experience that drives our company.  With Kammac 3PL they can relieve themselves of the personnel and administrative burdens, and know that their logistics ecosystem is in experienced and reliable hands.

As experts in bespoke storage and transportation solutions, we operate efficiently and effectively and assume the administrative roles as well as the physical service delivery.  We consistently remove cost from our clients supply chain.

It can often be a lot more cost effective to use Kammac 3PL, rather than having buy or rent resource and warehousing space yourself.

Kammac 3PL began in North West, but we haven’t solely remained there. Kammac has bases in Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire and service the whole of the UK.

Kammac 3PL operate not only from our established facilities but also has a positive approach to securing short or long term, dedicated or shared facilities that can be flexed to meet the client needs.

About Kammac?

A strong family ethos has been key to our success in becoming an agile and reliable market leader. Our three decades of experience have taught us that nurturing long-term relationships have been key to delivering sustainable supply chain solutions.

We hold ourselves to the highest of standards, serving our customers with integrity and clarity. We offer cost-effective warehousing and logistics support to ensure quality and safety, whether we are operating from your site, or our own.

The Kammac family is proud to be specialists in contract logistics, warehousing, distribution and onsite logistics. We are also proud to say that we take our social responsibility very seriously, and are committed to reducing our environmental footprint.